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Francois Delattre, Ambassador of France to the United States
Robert Paxton, Professor Emeritus at Columbia


Robert Pelletreau
Donna Redel
Ghassan Salame, Chairman of the Board
George Stone
Roland Tricot



The Alliance Program is endowed at Columbia University, for what it is the first joint endowment of this kind with international partners. Sponsors of the Alliance endowment include:

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Columbia University

Ecole Polytechnique
Sciences Po
Universite Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne
Conseil Regional d'Ile de France

See Press Release on the launch of the endowment on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website


BNP Paribas North America
Gide Loyrette Nouel LLP New York


French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Alliance on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website
French Ministry of Higher Education
Conseil Regional d'Ile de France


Albouy, Pierre
Anders, Alan
Audi, Joseph
Camus, Philippe
Cohn, Stephanie
De Clapiers, Luc
Debray, Pierre
Gambini, Brigitte
Ginsbury, John
El Chaar, Edgard
Kassouf, Michael
Malamed, David
Merle, Emmanuel
Moneton, Jean-Noël
Raffet, Serge
Stone, George
Ross, Alfred
Shearer, Philip
Tricot, Roland


Ghassan Salame
Professor of International Relations at Columbia University and Sciences Po
Chairman of the Board

Ghassan Salamé is a joint professor of International Relations at Sciences Po (Paris) and Columbia University (New York).

Born in1951 in Lebanon, he studied Law (Advanced Degree in Public International Law, Paris University, 1974; Ijaza /Licence in Lebanese and in French Law, Saint- Joseph University, Beirut, 1973); Literature (PhD, Literature, Paris III University, 1975); and Political science (PhD, Political Science, Paris I University, 1979). He taught international relations at the American and Saint Joseph universities in Beirut and, later, at Paris University. He has been a co-founder of The Euro-Mediterranean Chair, The European University Institute, Florence, Italy (1999-2000).

Salamé was Senior Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General (October 2003-2006) and Political Advisor to the UN Mission in Iraq (June-October 2003).

In 2000-2003, he was Lebanon’s Minister of Culture; Chairman and Spokesman of the Organization Committee for the Arab Summit (March 2002) and of the Francophone Summit (October 2002) in Beirut. He also was a member of several inter-ministerial committees, notably on the reform of the Higher Education system, jobs for university graduates, productivity in the public administration, e-government.

He sits on the board of the International Crisis Group (Brussels), the International Peace Institute (New York), The Institute for Peace Studies (Cairo), The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria) and a few other non-for-profit organizations. He is the chairman of the board of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.

He is the author of Quand l’Amérique refait le monde, Fayard, Paris 2005; paperback edition by the Presses de l’USJ, Beyrouth, Arabic version by An-Nahar, Beirut; Appels d'empire : ingérences et résistances à l'âge de la mondialisation, Fayard, 1996 (winner of Phenix and APELF awards); Al-mujtama' wa al-dawla fi al-mashriq al-arabi, (State and Society in the Arab Levant) CAUS, Beirut, 1987 (5 reprints since). He is the editor of Democracy Without Democrats : Politics of Liberalization in the Arab and Muslim World, IB Tauris, 1994; translated into French , Arabic and Spanish; The Politics of Arab Integration, Croom Helm, London 1988 (also published in Arabic); The Foundations of the Arab State, Croom Helm, London 1987 (also published in Arabic).

His essays have been published in Foreign Policy, Revue française de science politique, European Journal of International Affairs, The Middle East Journal and other similar journals as well as in large number of edited books.

Created in the fall 2002, the Alliance Program is a non-profit transatlantic joint-venture between Columbia University and three French prestigious institutions, The École Polytechnique, Sciences Po and the Université of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.

Alliance is an innovative program whose aim is to initiate and accompany new initiatives in the fields of education cooperation, research collaboration, and policy outreach. Over the last four years the Alliance’s scope of activities have included the organization of numerous academic conferences both in Paris and in New York, the setting up of international multidisciplinary research teams, and the creation of joint-courses and curricula targeting the students of its founding partners.