The School Opens

Columbia’s new elementary school at 110th Street and Broadway, simply named The School, recently opened its doors to about 200 students who were selected for spots in grades K–4. Children of Columbia employees—faculty, officers, and support staff in executive or supervisory positions—received a 50 percent discount on the $22,000-a-year tuition, and the majority of the other students received significant financial assistance. Half of this year’s students are family members of Columbia employees, and the rest are from the local community.

Marc A. Meyer, director of Curriculum Design and Research at The School and an adjunct professor in Columbia’s School of General Studies, calls The School’s 50 faculty members “extraordinary” and says they will incorporate new media in the classroom using “smartboards” or high-tech whiteboards (in place of chalkboards) and laptop computers.

A new entering class and grade will be added each year until 2006, when The School will be at full capacity with 650 students in kindergarten through eighth grade.