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Cover Photo by Michael B. Shavelson



The Cynical Optimist
Philippine journalist Sheila Coronel has no illusions about the fallibility of democratic institutions. But she continues to work to improve them.
by Paul Hond


Cover Story
In the Eye of the Storm
Lee C. Bollinger speaks with Columbia magazine about the media, the future of liberal education, and his decision to host the president of Iran.


Once a Soldier
Can the former child soldiers of Africa and Asia be brought back from the psychological abyss? Two Columbia researchers say it's possible.
by David J. Craig


The Photographs of Al Mercado
Al Mercado rescued a single book of negatives from a devastating fire in 1991. The surviving images lie at the intersection of hit-and-run street photography and serious portraiture.
by Michael B. Shavelson


A Pitch-Perfect Match
In a chapter from his new book on music and the brain, Oliver Sacks displays the multidisciplinary range that made him ideal as the University's first Columbia Artist.


Simple and Direct
As Jacques Barzun turns 100, a former student remembers the eminent Columbia historian.
by William Keylor




Letters to the editor

College Walk
Forbidden Fruit
The Road Not Taken

Larry Levis in Provincetown

Ahmadinejad at Columbia: A campus view
Roar, Lion, More
All about the Hamiltons


Retired and Rehired
Pop Muses
Street Smarts


Science, Medicine, Technology
Skeleton key
Buzz kill
Glow mouse

My Columbia

Foundry Father