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Spring 2008 Cover
features Fall 2008

Cover Story

The Deep Sleep
By David J. Craig
Americans are slowly waking up to the scientific consensus that climate change is a man-made phenomenon. Why is it taking so long?


The Modest Virtuoso
By Paul Hond
Concert pianist Emanuel Ax is awed by the music he plays — as we are by the way he plays it.



The Undying Animal
By Morris Dickstein
With Shakespeare at his side, a distinguished critic reminds us why we read.


Stage Flight
Now in its 20th year, the Miller Theatre has become the hottest spot in town for new music.


Defending the Forgotten
By Glyn Vincent
Legendary civil rights attorney Jack Greenberg has a new crusade: helping to integrate the disenfranchised Roma population of Europe.




Letters to the editor

College Walk
Wax Philosophical
Handicap This
Matinee Hero

Out Back

McCain, Obama share views on
    public service at Columbia

Saber rattlers strike silver
Brinkley to step down as provost


The talkies
New leaders
Strings and boats and planes


My Columbia
J-school student Patricia Christiansen photographed Thomas E. Dewey on election night 1948. Dewey’s lead over Truman wasn’t the only thing to vanish in a flash.

Science, Medicine, Technology
Motor skills
Laurentide ebbing
Dr. Pep ’er

The Interpreter
Kiddie on the Keys
Clerical Error
Down on the Pharm

They Didn’t Pick Nick