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Spring 2009 Cover
Cover illustration by Daniel Bejar
features Fall 2009 
Cover Story

Flu Fighters
By David J. Craig
At Columbia a band of computational scientists, led by Raul Rabadan, is identifying patterns in how viruses evolve. Will they be able to predict the deadliness of the swine flu pandemic?
Northern Exposure
By Michael B. Shavelson
North Korea has sealed itself off from the world, but cracks are beginning to show. History professor Charles K. Armstrong, director of the Center for Korean Research at Columbia, discusses the mixed messages coming from Pyongyang.
Hail, Columbiana
By Allegra Panetto
A collection of Columbia artifacts, including old yearbooks and vintage Jester covers, turns the Columbia Alumni Center library into a time machine.
Hanging from the
Language Tree
By Cindy Rodríguez
In a famous experiment over 30 years ago, psychology professor Herb Terrace hoped to prove that chimpanzees could acquire speech. Today, as director of the Primate Cognition Laboratory at Columbia, he’s searching for the missing link to cognition.




Letters to the editor

College Walk
Alice in Columbialand
Care Tactics
Signs of the Times


In the City of New York
Utopia Parkway

Lu and Zelevinsky win
    Presidential Early Career Awards

New Alumni Center hosts
    ‘Especially Open House’

A-Rod spreads smiles



One by sky, one by sea
Heavenly cities
Stand-up scientists

Science, Medicine, Technology
Casualties of war?
Fertility hope for ovarian cancer patients
CO2 shell game

Let Us Eat Cake
Self-Portrait USA

Taking ’Stock