A Partnership with the Whitney

Beginning in fall 2002, Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will offer a new master’s degree in Modern Art and Curatorial Studies in partnership with New York City’s Whitney Museum of American Art. Graduate students who choose the new curatorial track will spend one academic year at the Whitney and will have the option of a researchship at the Museum.

The two-year degree program adds a curatorial component to Columbia’s master’s program in Modern Art and Critical Studies, directed by noted art historian and critic Rosalind Krauss, Meyer Schapiro Professor of Modern Art and Theory, in the Department of Art History and Archaeology. Maxwell L. Anderson, director of the Whitney Museum of American Art, says curatorial students will “benefit from Columbia’s academic excellence, Professor Rosalind Krauss’s intellectual leadership, and the Whitney’s innovative approach and singular commitment to American art of our time.”

Seven Whitney curators will become adjunct professors at Columbia this fall and, on a rotating basis, will lead a weekly seminar and direct research projects based on the Whitney’s permanent collection and special exhibitions.

PHOTO: René Perez