Columbia's New Yorkers

“New York gives people a feeling of belonging, regardless of background,” says Nicole A. Gordon ’74BC ’77LAW, one of the prominent New York alumni featured in the pages that follow.

“There’s nowhere else in the world where you can see so many different kinds of people and know that at some level they can all make a way for themselves.”

Nearly half of Columbia’s 250,000 alumni—both transplants and homegrown—now live in the greater metropolitan area. Here, with a dozen portraits, we salute a few of our most notable New Yorkers. Whether feeding a hunger for knowledge or for a caviar omelet, watching the news or gazing at the planets, casting a vote or taking a child to school, City dwellers are linked to Columbians who have made their way to positions of influence.

It’s no wonder that so many Columbians help drive New York forward. As soon as students morph into alumni, they hit the ground running. Celebrating the University’s talented young alumni, this feature culminates in a group photo (Young Lions) that gathers recent graduates from each of Columbia’s 15 schools.

Photographs by Peter Freed, Bob Handelman, and Alan S. Orling