No matter where they roam, alumni are never more than a mouse click away from continuing their Columbia experience. Last fall, the University launched Learning@Columbia (www.columbia.edu/cu/alumni/learning/), a portal to online and offline learning opportunities designed for Columbia alumni.

Learning@Columbia has two parts: Learn Online and Learn Face-to-Face. Learn Online features more than 100 free e-learning seminars in a variety of subjects, a guide to innovative Columbia Web sites that cover a wide range of topics and disciplines, and a menu of online publications that reflect the vitality, creativity, and diversity of intellectual life at the University. Learning@Columbia keeps alumni connected to the intellectual and social life of the University, said Eric Furda, vice president of alumni relations.
Learn Face-to-Face provides alumni with information about on-campus learning, faculty visits to alumni groups, and alumni travel programs.

Alumni can now enjoy the best of what Columbia has put online in the past three years, said Todd Hardy, executive director of Columbia University Digital Knowledge Ventures, which developed the site around an existing library of e-seminars. They can take advantage of the University’s vast learning opportunities presented in a digital format, pursue their interests, or keep up with University happenings.

For example, e-seminar enrollees can take Kenneth Jackson’s “The History of the City of New York,” Darcy B. Kelley’s “Brain to Brain: Animal Communication,” and Kristin Linklater’s “The Shakespearean Sonnet and the Modern Voice.”