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Commuting at High Speed
Lawrence [Larry] Ross, Alum
Columbia College 1945

The dorms were full of midshipmen and v-12ers, and I lived in Hempstead, whence I commuted every day, running for the 7:20 train on the LIRR, then fighting my way into the B'way train that took me to the 116th St. station at Columbia. This required a change at 96th St. Carrying 18-19 credits during that accelerated program and being involved with the Columbian, Jester, the debating society and Varsity show (to prove that I was "well rounded" for medical school applications), I was running on about 4-5 hrs of sleep in bed...with involuntary naps on the trains.

Due for a 9 o'clock class in solid geometry on the 5th floor of Hamilton (elevators verboten!) I awoke at 116th St. in time to jump out of the train...but when I came out of the station, I discovered that I was in Harlem at the foot of Morningside Heights with about 5 minutes to get to class.

After an exhausting run to the cliff and up the steps, and a 3 block run to Hamilton Hall, I had to climb the 4 flights to class where I arrived somewhat late and disoriented regarding the lecture.

That was the last time I slept through the change of subway trains!

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