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My Favorite Professor
barry etra, Alum, Parent
Graduate School of Business 1975
Columbia College 1973

The best professor I ( and many others) had was Gene Santomasso, who taught a very popular architecture course. He was a terrific guy, always interested in the students, but he really shone as an educator. His lectures were laced with enthusiasm as well as real content; as well, he had a great sense of the absurd. He was so popular that when his time came for tenure (and there was none to give him), there was such an outcry that Dean Pouncey went to alumni to have an additional chair funded.

One anecdote: The class before the final was a review, with Prof. Santomasso showing slides of different buildings and asking questions about them. One slide was a very obscure work by an even more obscure architect, prompting an anxious student to ask, "Will we have to know this for the final?" Without batting an eye, Santomasso shot back, "You do, and I'll flunk you!".

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