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How Will You Spend Your Time?
John Mapes, Alum
Graduate School of Business 1985

On the last day of policy class, a core requirement of the Graduate School of Business, Professor Don Hambrick took us through a brief exercise that challenged us to think about the choices we would face during our future work lives. He estimated conservatively that each of us would work 80,000 hours over the next 40 or so years. Most of the students in the class groaned. I thought, "It's not enough. A company with 10,000 employees has 80,000 man hours to achieve something in just one day. How will I achieve anything in that amount of time? How can I leverage it and make a difference?" The answers to those questions have taken me around the world. I spent two years as a US Peace Corps volunteer. My wife and I adopted a beautiful baby girl while working in India for USAID. I still ask myself these questions as I look forward and choose how and where to spend the remaining time that I have.

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