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My Columbia
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My Columbia
Chu I Chun, Alum
School of Engineering and Applied Science 1975

Great professors and students, excellent materials and facilities are found at Columbia University. I like the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the campus, which hosts students and teachers from all over the world. It is fortunate that this great university is in the United States. I was well recognized by peer students and professors. I admired the students with whom I studied, and also our charming, great professors. I was very comfortable at this great university. The late Dean Henessey, Chairman Dr. Lawrence Cohen, Dr. Melman (my great teacher and friend), Dr. Peter Norden, and Dr. Waite are all still alive in my heart. My former high school physics teacher, Dr. Young Ku Yun (PhD, Brown University), a former chairman of the Korean Nuclear Energy commission and Dr. Kim, an electrical engineering and network analaysis professor and science advisor to President of the Republic of Korea are also still my friends. I am proud of being an alumnus of this world-class great university. My national origin was not questioned at all. My intellectual capacity was well recognized at Columbia. I am a citizen of world and carry the Columbia University banner wherever I go. Columbia! Columbia! My Columbia! I am carring Columbia University banner in Washington, DC and its surburbs. My Columbia! My love.

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