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Beauty on Campus
Nick Holt, Alum
Graduate School of Business 2006

To me, one of the most beautiful places on campus is the Nakashima Peace Altar in the Chapel.

As a woodworker, I had admired Nakashima's work for many years, but only in books. I have also tried, with pale comparison, to imitate his style.

It wasn't until May 20, 2006, my graduation day, that I realized I had been passing by a Nakashima design for almost two years without knowing it.

To some, it may at first glance look like another table in another church. But take a closer look. Its massive walnut slabs exude power and strength, while its simple design sooths a stressful soul (any of those at GSB?). By maintaining the natural lines of the mighty tree that gave birth to this beautiful piece, Nakashima's work gave new life to a natural work of art that may otherwise have wasted away.

What better place to display this resurrected tree than in a church?

Nick Holt

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