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Bold Leadership
Stephen Harper, Alum
Graduate School of Business 1997

The most memorable day at Columbia invokes memories of others like it. Here are two anecdotes that demonstrate strong leadership. First, when I was leaving CBS, I typed a letter of things I liked and didn't like about my experience. I left my thoughts with Dean Feldberg's admin. That day, the Dean left a copy of the note in my box with the message "Please come see me." We met in the Dean's office, and he listened to my constructive criticism.

Next, Dick Fuld, chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers, spoke to a packed house in the Faculty House. After the presentation, someone asked him if Lehman Bros. was potentially going to be sold to a larger firm. He immediately called everyone back into the auditorium, answered this question -- which was on everyone's mind -- and then answered many more questions. Being a decisive leader, while also showing empathy, was a key lesson I learned during my time at Columbia.

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