Get on the Bus

11 April 2008

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More information about this event here.

An early morning (11am) stroll through midtown manhattan takes us to the starting point of this journey.

St. Bart's, where there was an information session about the various protests which we planned to do throughout the day.

St. Barts is a charming place, and we packed it out with students from the north east region, all rearing to get out there and get active

We had talks about the various actions we were taking as well as an informative one about the international criminal court, and how it related to the crisis in Darfur.

Many kids dressed the part

Aquene (who you may remember from the justice in Bhopal information session, led the charge with an impassioned speach about Bhopal

Which, after a few relatively laid-back speaches... really woke everyone up.

The speakers were concluded by Larry Cox, executive director of AIUSA giving us a motivational speech (which he began by saying "good morning"... which I found strange as it was already 12:30pm)

...something about making hope real, I forget.

...but by this stage, everyone was awake, so it was all good.

My quest to be an invisible photographer who nobody notices was foiled by an observant Hannah...

The day was very well-organized with posters for the various actions being handed out just as we were leaving the church.

We also had some posters of our own (some of which were manufactured the night before) so we started distributing and rounding up the troops for our first stop.

Getting a group of schoolkids together to march to a consulate with a bunch of signs and chanting slogans is a bit like herding cats.

Our first stop, if you hadn't guessed it already, will be the Indian Consulate

So through the streets of New York, we marched. front of my fisheye lens...

After a while, our groop looked a little small, but that was mostly because we had spread out and broken up into many smaller groups.

When we eventually regrouped outside the consulate, it was clear that numbers weren't going to be a problem.

...and more kept coming.

...and so we shouted

and waved our big banners.


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