Mo Money Mo Problems : The Corporate (Ir)responsibility Throw Down

April 10, 2008

So we decided to have an open mic night to raise awareness of corporate responsibility issues. Part of having an open mic night is to have several performances, and as the group who did most of the organising, we realized that we needed to come up with something... apart from a slightly silly name

The Amnesty Band begins with a rehearsal...

something I've been meaning to do for a while - just jam...

These photos are grossly misrepresentative of the total amount of rehearsal we had, I think we had two 'full' rehearsals and two half-ish, rehearsals

This was one of the half-ish rehearsals, in one of the side rooms in Earl hall immediately after the regular Amnesty meeting (and a day before the actual event)

The postcrypt coffee house is not the largest venue in the world

But it certainly has some charm - in the foreground, members of the "Burma 88 family band" assemble for a short rehearsal

Burma 88, whose band members almost managed to coordinate all their t-shirts, sang a flight of the Conchords cover

Did I mention that the family was quite large?

The amnesty band in full-flight. If our band released a debut self-titled album, this would be the cover for it.

This is John and Eve with a quirky global warming song...

Jennie from SEEJ takes us through a slideshow and tells us a bit about being responsible shoppers, not only as individuals but also as a university.

Burma 88 take the stage (and some of the area immediately surrounding it) to play "Its Burma Time"

Apparently, you're not allowed to have more than 30 people in this room... or it becomes a fire hazard. I think we had more than 30 people... but just quietly, I don't think it made a difference to the fire-safety of the situation.

The students for animal protection put on a puppet show

There's a cow... and a rooster I think...

...and now for something completely different - a proper band. Interrobang!? was their name

and they were cool. The night was wrapped up by Jason Trachtenberg but, owing to a ban on digital recording, we are unable to bring you coverage of that part of the show.

There was also a slideshow from Emily and Aanya about the Bhopal disaster and the Chingari Trust (which is what we were raising money for) but owing to me being out of the room at the time (to transmit photos from this event for the next day's paper) we don't have photos from that either... but click the link and find out all about them!