Final meeting for the Semester and Protest for Bhopal

December 5,6th 2007


A cake seemed appropriate... I decided to introduce my fellow comrades to the unique Australian joy of Pavlova... named after the famed Ballet Dancer - Anna Pavlova

Somewhat lacking in creativity, I decided that the ceiling would be the best place to point my projector... to screen images from Bhopal.

Ok, the cake was a little disastrous... but at least it was sweet... as it should be, a 500g cake of which about 450g was castor sugar. It feels somewhat appropriate that the cake was hollow on the inside.

We spent the remainder of the meeting designing posters and coming up with awesome slogans and chants for our planned protest.

If you look very closely, you will notice that I had trouble spelling the word "Not"... difficult word that, all three letters. Difficult enough to confound a newly 26-year old calligrapher in any case...

The next night, we were out in force, shouting our message at the world financial centre, where a fancy black-tie gala dinner was being held to honour the CEO of Dow Chemical (does anyone else feel like throwing up? must be all that methyl isocyanate, or maybe its the dioxin in the agent orange... or possibly the napalm)

The posters had the required visual impact (and you can barely notice my typo)

What dedication! It was almost a whole degree above freezing for the duration of our time out there...

Of course, the folks inside were nice and warm and cosy... and, one thinks, blissfully ignorant of Dow's unenviable reputation.

But still we continued to shout...

...and shout...

...and shout some more.

Security was rather tight. The guards did not originally want me to take any photos of the event itself... so I said (in my most uppity accent) "excuse me, who does the lighting design, it is truly magnificent, may I take a photo of the lighting?". To which the guard responded... "uuuuuhhhh.... UUUHHHHH.... ummmmm.... ok". Confuse them with creativity and charisma... and class... and an uppity British accent and accompanying eccentric nature also helps.