Human rights isn't just about listening to depressing speakers rattle off statistics from AI's annual report. There is a healthy dose of narcissism to keep us focused on the important tasks at hand. Click on any of the albums on the right to view the photos of our absolutely fabulous human rights defenders.



Military Contractors Teach In (9/29/2009)

Blackwater Bake Sale (10/25/2009)


Child Soldiers Teach In (10/10/2008)

Get on the Bus (4/17/2009)


Get on the Bus (4/11/2008)

Mo Money Mo Problems (4/10/2008)

Last Meeting of Semester and Bhopal Protest (12/6/2007)

Guantanamo Bay Action (11/28/2007)

Justice in Bhopal information session (10/29/2007)

AIUSA Northeast Regional Conference (10/27/2007)

CSC Nightmarket (10/19/2007)

Military Commissions Act Birthday Cake (10/17/2007)


Bhopal Protest

Mock refugee camp for Darfur

Information Session

Teach in Session

Union Square Action