Current doctoral students and alumni

The Center for Archaeology acts as a point of contact and exchange for graduate students in archaeology. To be added to this list or to change your information please contact Prof. Zoe Crossland

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Elisheva Charm
Prehistoric Southwest Asia

Valerie Bondura
Spanish Civil War

Jeff Benjamin
Industrial archaeology, soundscapes

Courtney Singleton
Archaeology of the contemporary past, homelessness

Alison Damick
Bronze Age Near East, Foodways

Petar Cvijovic
Modern ruins, Jewish ruins in Poland

John Molenda
Historical archaeology, China

Easton (Justin) Anspach
Andes, landscape

Kaet Heupel
Southwest US, archaeology of the contemporary past

Art History & Archaeology:

Molly Allen

Muge Arseven

Bailey Barnard

Monica Bulger

Maria Dimitropoulos

Alexander Ekserdjian

Michael Fowler

Christopher Jones

Kathryn Minogue-Nachison

David Schneller

Michael Anthony Fowler
Greek art and archaeology

Andrea Vazquez
Pre-Columbian art and archaeology

Colette LeRoux

Amara Magloughlin

Turkan Pilavci

East Asian Languages and Cultures:

Glenda Ellen Chao
The archaeology of Early China

Brian Lander

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Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

Institute for Research on Women and Gender: graduate certification in feminist scholarship

Recent Alumni


Heather Atherton
Anna Boozer (Baruch College, CUNY)
Emily Brown (Principal archaeologist, Aspen CRM Solutions)
Tom Cuddy (Senior archaeologist, URS Corporation)
Felipe Gaitan-Ammann (ACLS, Chicago University)
Chad Gifford (Columbia University, and Pambamarca Archaeological Research Project)
Erin Hasinhoff (Research Associate, AMNH)
Karen Holmberg (Environmental Studies, NYU)
Kurt Jordan (Department of Anthropology, Cornell University)
Scott Kremkau (Senior project director, Statistical Research, Inc)
Marisa Lazzari (Dept. of Archaeology, University of Exeter)
Meredith Linn (Dept. of Urban Studies, Barnard College)
Christopher Matthews (Dept. of Anthropology, Montclair State University)
Carolyn Nakamura (Institute for History, Leiden University)
Matthew Palus (Dept. of Anthropology, University of Maryland)
Matthew Sanger (Dept. of Anthropology, Binghampton University, SUNY)
Dianne Scullin
Wendy Sutton (District archaeologist / Chimney Rock National Monument Manager, USDA Forest Service)
Lindsay Weiss (Archaeology Center and Dept. of Anthropology, Stanford University)
Darryl Wilkinson (Center for the Humanities, Madison-Wisconsin)

Art History and Archaeology

Ellen Belcher (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
Lee Ullman
Rory ONeill (Postdoctoral Researcher, History of Art Department,University of Pennsylvania)
Serdar Yalcin (Postdoctoral Fellow, New School)

East Asian Languages and Cultures

Paul Nicholas Vogt