Past Events

Spring 2014

Monday January 27th, Alyssa Loorya Re-discovering South Street Seaport

Tuesday Jan 28th, Jim Moore on Conflict and Class in 19th Century New England

Wednesday Feb. 2nd, Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría on Models of Technological Change

Wednesday Feb. 2nd, Chris Matthews on How History Controls the Past

Monday, Feb 3rd, Patrick Hunt on Seven Aztec and Inca Plants that Changed the World

Friday, February 28, Khalifa Alkhalifa on The World Heritage Convention and the conservation of archaeological sites

Friday March 28th,
Grant Wythoff on Mobile Media and the Palaeolithic

Thursday April 3rd Zoe Crossland on Death and Burial in Post-medieval Britain

Wednesday April 9th,
Rachel Watkins on Raps on Race

Thursday May 1st
Megan O'Neil on Fragmented Histories of Ancient Maya Sculptures

Friday May 2nd,
John Robb on "Ways of Seeing" in Prehistoric Europe

Monday May 12th,
Aleks Pluskowski on Landscapes of holy war and colonization

Fall 2013

Friday September 20th, 5.30pm, 951 Schermerhorn Ext. Cameron McNeil, CUNY on an archaeology of fragrance

Wednesday September 25th, 4.10pm, Boas Lecture, Rm 963 Schermerhorn Ext. Whitney Battle-Baptiste, UMass, Amherst on black feminist archaeology

Thursday October 31st, 4.10pm, Boas Lecture, Rm 963 Schermerhorn Ext. John Norder, Michigan State on landscape offerings: memory and materiality in the rock art of the Canadian Shield

Wednesday November 13th, 6.00pm, 511 Hamilton Hall. Sarah Kay, New York University on human or animal? reading the skin of a bestiary page

Thursday November 14th, 12 noon, 457 Schermerhorn Ext. Dianne Scullin, Columbia University TBA

Friday December 6th, 4.00pm Mick Taussig, Columbia University on the operators call them angels

Spring 2013

Friday Feburary 15th, Peter Whiteley on kinship systems and archaeology: Chaco Canyon through a Crow-Omaha lens

Friday March 8th, Jessica Striebel MacLean on masculinity and the cult of sensibility in 18th-Century Montserrat

Thursday March 14th, Rafi Greenberg on Tel Bet Yerah, hub of the Early Bronze Age Levant

Monday March 25th, Rebecca Gowland on "Bones, Bodies & Boas"

Tuesday March 26th, Tim Thompson on where is the anthropology in European forensic anthropology?

Monday April 15th, Nikos Papadopoulos on GIS and Geophysics

Thursday April 18th,
Yannis Hamilakis on archaeology and the senses

Thursday April 25th
James Brady on Quen Santo, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Monday April 29th,
Caroline Dean on significance in Inka stonemasonry

Tuesday April 30th,
Norman Yoffee on early cities and the evolution of history

Thursday May 2nd,
Severin Fowles on an archaeology of Comanche imperialism

Fall 2012

Thursday September 20th, Barbara Tsakirgis on the Nashville Parthenon

Thursday September 27th, Sarah Tarlow on the powerful corpse

Thursday October 18th, Edward Gonzalez-Tennant on the 1923 Rosewood Race Riot

Friday November 9th, Ross Wilson on the cultural heritage of the Great War in Britain

Tuesday December 11th, Jennifer Wallace will be discussing material relating to her book "Digging the Dirt: The Archaeological Imagination"

Selected events from before 2012

The Deep History of the Animal Question
Prof. Brian Boyd (Columbia University). New York Academy of Sciences, Wenner-Gren Foundation.

The Dead Body and its Evidential Traces
Prof. Zoe Crossland (Columbia University). New York Academy of Sciences offices of the Wenner-Gren Foundation.

After Material Culture (Boas Lecture)
Prof. Julian Thomas (University of Manchester, U.K.).

Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Conference 2008
Professors from numerous domestic and international universities, in the first US-held TAG conference in the group's history.

The Stonehenge Riverside Project: Interrogating the Prehistoric Landscape of Stonehenge
Prof. Julian Thomas (University of Manchester, U.K.).

Using Local Political Economy to Combat Narratives of Indigenous Decline: An Eighteenth Century Seneca Iroquois Example
Prof. Kurt Jordan (Cornell University).

Human and Faunal Osteology Workshops
Prof. Pam Crabtree (NYU).

Modern Human Behavioral Origins and Dispersal: New Perspectives
Prof. Paul Mellars (University of Cambridge).

Finding Fieldwork Workshop
Prof. Zoe Crossland (Columbia University).

Pottery: Manufacture and Analysis Workshop
Jeff Lamia (AIA).

Conservation for Archaeologists Workshop
Julie Unruh, Conservator.

South Brooklyn Archaeology & Cemetery Tour
The Gotham League of Archaeology Majors.

Patina: Temporality and Social Aesthetics (Boas Lecture)
Prof. Shannon Dawdy (University of Chicago).

Celluloid Idylls: Swords, Sandals & Sex
AIA—NYC Society Archaeology & Screen Media Program.

Maya Cosmology
Prof. Lisa Lucero (University of Illinois).

Archaeological survey in Central Yunnan: Documenting the Rise and Fall of the "Dian" Kingdom (Brown Bag Research Seminar)
Prof. Alice Yao (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World).

The Politics of DNA (Brown Bag Research Seminar)
Prof. Nadia Abu el-Haj (Barnard College).


Collecting & Gathering: Making Worlds and Staking Claims
A one-day conference and associated exhibit presented by Joanna Ebenstein of Morbid Anatomy

The Ruination of the Social and the Social Lives of Ruins
An interdisciplinary workshop exploring the social significance and impact of ruins.

Human Worlds / Animal Worlds

Remembering Landscape