Resources - information for undergraduates

Undergraduates who wish to carry out Fieldwork towards their degree should contact the DUS (Brian Boyd) before booking, to make sure that the project fits the requirements for the major. There are three ways to get credit - either through a Columbia approved fieldschool; through transfer of fieldschool credits from another instiution (with permission from the DUS and your dean), or through participation on an independent project. If you choose the last option you'll need to keep a fieldwork diary and talk to the DUS about an independent study after you return in order to gain class credit

Volunteer Labs and Internships
can also be used toward class credit after consultation with the DUS. You will need to keep a diary and sign up for an independent study with a faculty member.

Funding Opportunities are available from within Columbia and from outside sources, particularly toward thesis study. (See the FAQ for more details)

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