Undergraduate Students at Columbia/Barnard


There are two listserves managed by the Center for Archaeology:

CCA listserve

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Undergraduate listserve

If you are a current undergraduate you should also join our undergraduate listserve. This sends out information about fieldwork and internship opportunities, recommended courses, and open houses etc.

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Course requirements

Download a pdf brochure about archaeology opportunities for undergraduates here
For more information on course requirements, please see under Curricula.

Columbia University Archaeology Circule (CUAC)

is a student-run organization open to any student with an interest in archaeology. CUAC works with the archaeology faculty and the Center for Archaeology to organize workshops, field trips, guest speakers, and social events.

Whether you're pursuing a career in archaeology or simply have an interest in the material traces of the past, attending CUAC meetings and events is a great way to get to know other students interested in the discipline, network with professors, and stay informed about internship and dig opportunities.

Email CUAC: cuarchcircle@gmail.com

CUAC hosts a map showing where students and faculty are working. If you'd like to be added to this map, please contact CUAC

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