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Lecture Series
Lecture Series
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  Spring Lecture Series 2009

Thursday 29th January, 6.00pm:  Prof. Feng Li Columbia University. Co-sponsored by the Center for Archaeology and the Archaeological Institute of America. 614 Schermerhorn.

Thursday 5th February 6.00pm: Prof. Mike Parker Pearson, Sheffield University. 'The Stonehenge Riverside Project' Co-sponsored by the Center for Archaeology and the Archaeological Institute of America. 614 Schermerhorn. 

Thursday 26th February, 6.00pm. Prof. Julian Thomas, University of Manchester. 'The Stonehenge Riverside Project: Interrogating the Stonehenge Landcsape. 614 Schermerhorn.

Thursday 5th March: 10.30am. Prof. Kurt Jordan, Cornell University. Using Local Political Economy to Combat Narratives of Indigenous Decline: An Eighteenth Century Seneca Iroquois Example.405 Milbank Hall

Abstract:  Despite decades of exhortations, anthropological and historical scholarship still tends to overemphasize the power and influence of Postcolumbian European colonizers on indigenous groups across the globe, often casting the results of these interactions within an overall narrative of decline.  This paper posits that specific analytical scales and vantage points are required to combat Eurocentrism, make accurate assessments of the intercultural balance of power, and provide a barometer of the opportunities and adversities presented by particular eras.  Multiscalar analysis of archaeological remains from the circa 1715-1754 Seneca Iroquois community at the Townley-Read site, located near present-day Geneva, New York, provides a demonstration of these points.


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