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At Columbia University, archaeology is a multidisciplinary field practiced by faculty and students in the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. At present, there are sixteen faculty in the Departments of Anthropology, Art History and Archaeology, Classics, Historic Preservation, History, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, and the Earth and Environmental Sciences, who conduct research on prehistory, ancient society, or historical archaeology.

D’Altroy, Terence N., Professor
Boyd, Brian, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Crossland, Zoe, Assistant Professor
Fowles, Severin M., Assistant Professor
Gifford, Clarence H., Lecturer
Morris, Ellen, Lecturer
Rothschild, Nan, Ann Whitney Olin Professor
Solecki, Ralph S., Emeritus


Jerome, Pamela S., Adjunct Associate Professor
Stubbs, John H., Adjunct Associate Professor
Wheeler, George, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Weiss, Norman, Adjunct Associate Professor

Art History & Archaeology
Bahrani, Zainab, Edith Porada Associate Professor
Bakirtzis, Nicolas, Mellow Teaching Fellow/Lecturer
Brilliant, Richard, Emeritus, Special Lecturer
de Angelis, Francesco, Assistant Professor
Kampen, Natalie, Professor
Klein, Holger, Assistant Professor. Department of Art History and Archaeology
Murray, Stephen D., Professor
Pasztory, Esther, Lisa and Bernard Selz Professor
Smith, Joanna S., Associate Professor

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
Yuri Gorokhovich, Associate Research Scientist

Bagnall, Roger S., Professor
Milnor, Kristina, Assistant Professor (Barnard College)

Earth & Environmental Sciences
Christie-Blick, Nicholas, Professor
Cook, Edward R., Doherty Senior Scholar
de Menocal, Peter B., Associate Professor
Fairbanks, Richard G., Professor
Goldstein, Steven L., Professor
Hemming, Sidney R., Associate Professor
Peteet, Dorothy M., Lecturer and Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Pitman, Walter Clarkson III, Special Research Scientist
Ryan, William B. F., Doherty Senior Scholar
Seeber, Leonardo, Doherty Senior Research Scientist


East Asian Languages and Cultures
Li, Feng, Assistant Professor

Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Shapiro, Jill, Lecturer

Harris, William V., William R. Shepherd Professor

Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures
Van de Mieroop, Marc, Professor

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