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Columbia Sponsored Projects

Field School

Amheida, Egypt
Semester abroad in Egypt
New York University's Archaeology and History Program in Egypt
-Participate in excavations at Amheida (ancient Trimithis) in Dakhleh Oasis
-Study the culture of Pharaonic, Graeco-Roman, and Christian Egypt
-Travel through Egypt's oases and the Nile Valley
-Take informal lessons in colloquial Arabic

16-credit semester program offered from January to March for advanced undergraduates
For more information click here
For questions concerning the program itself contact its academic director Ellen Morris (
For logistical or administrative queries contact the program coordinator: Elizabeth Bulls (

Columbia Field School in China
Survey and excavation of Guicheng, Shandong Province
For more information click here.
Contact: Professor Li Feng (Director of the field school), (212) 854-2510.
For an view of past seasons click here.

Field Study in the Architecture of Medieval France
Contact: Professor Stephen Murray (
This field project can also be taken for credit.
Romanesque Architecture of the Bourbonnais

Community and the Built Environment: Tarim, Yemen
Contact: Professor Pamela Jerome (
Professor Jerome also periodically offers a course on historic site conservation.
Community and the Built Environment: Tarim, Yemen


Andean Archaeology
Contact: Professor Terence D’Altroy (
The Duncan Strong Collection is housed within the Department of Anthropology.
Andean Archaeology

The Church of Hagia Sophia at Vize, Turkey
Contact: Professor Holger Klein (
Early Christian architecture and survey
The Byzantine Church of Hagia Sophia

Late Bronze Age Phlamoudi, Cyprus
Contact: Professor Joanna S. Smith (
Phlamoudhi Archaeological Project

Pambamarca, Ecuador
Proyecto Arqueológico Pambamarca, Cayambe, Ecuador. This summer the Pambamarca Archaeology Project will be running a further research campaign in the Andean Highlands of Ecuador. Contact: Dr. Clarence Gifford ( )

Radiocarbon calibration curve and radiocarbon datin research program
Web page link Contact: Professor Richard Fairbanks (

Seneca Village, New York City
Contact: Professor Nan Rothschild (
Seneca Village

Volunteer Lab Work

Fridays 2:00-4:00 pm 954 Schermerhorn Extension

Activities offered are: drawing, cleaning and numbering of pottery, pottery reconstruction and identification, drawing in the field, the New York Archaeological Consortium and a guided visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For more information and schedule click here.

Clarence Young Collection
Work with this Columbia Collection of Mediterranean Artifacts takes place during the volunteer lab on Fridays from 2-5 pm in 954 Schermerhorn. No experience needed. Contact: Brian Boyd (

Dr. Ralph Solecki's Projects (1980s)
Labwork on campus related to Professor Solecki’s discoveries over the years is offered on a volunteer basis on Fridays, 2-5 pm, 954 Schermerhorn. Solecki's Projects
Contact: Brian Boyd (

Upper Paleolithic material from Shanidar Cave, northern Iraq.
Labwork on campus related to Rose Solecki's material.
Contact: Brian Boyd (

Other Projects coming soon, offered by the following faculty

Severin Fowles ( ) (New Mexico)

Open-Hours in the Osteology Lab

Room 865 Schermerhorn Extension
The lab is open to all students with an interest in human and other primate bones. No previous coursework/experience required.
The lab will be open for student explorations the first and last Friday of each month from 4:00 to 6:00.
Contact: Prof. Jill Shapiro

For further information contact Brian Boyd, Program Coordinator ( or Terence D'Altoy, Director ( )

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