Terence D'Altroy


962 Schermerhorn Ext., MC 5523

tel: 212-854-4723

Program Coordinator

Brian Boyd


961/961a Schermerhorn Ext., MC 5523

tel: 212-854-1390

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Zoe Crossland

965 Schermerhorn Ext.
tel: 212-854-7465

Departmental Associate Directors

Francesco de Angelis
Art History and Archaeology (Columbia)

Richard Fairbanks
Earth and Environmental Science (Columbia)

Li Feng
East Asian Languages and Cultures (Columbia)

Severin Fowles
Anthropology (Barnard)

Yuri Gorokhovich
Center for International Earth Science Information Networ (CIESIN)

Natalie Kampen
Art History, Classics, and Woman's Studies (Columbia/Barnard)

Nan Rothschild
Museum Studies (Columbia/Barnard)

Jill Shapiro
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology (Columbia)

George Wheeler
Architecture, Planning and Preservation (Columbia)