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The Program for Art on Film is an international clearinghouse for information about moving image media on the visual arts. Founded in 1984 as a joint venture between the J. Paul Getty Trust and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Program relocated to Columbia University in 1994 where it is administered by the University Libraries. The Program was established to foster new ways of thinking about the relationship between art and moving image media, and to encourage critical analysis of media productions. Its purpose is to define issues, develop programs, and disseminate information that will support the effective production and use of moving image media in order to enhance and broaden public understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts. The Program compiles and maintains the Art on Screen Database, issues a newsletter, develops publications, presents workshops and seminars, and has produced a series of short films and videos involving collaborations between art scholars and filmmakers.

For further information, send E-mail to: artfilm@columbia.edu.

or write/phone: Program for Art on Film, 2875 Broadway, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10025-7805.
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