Cambridge-Columbia Graduate Student Symposium

The Cambridge-Columbia Graduate Student Symposium in the History of Art brings together students from the University of Cambridge and Columbia University to present their research, share ideas with one another, and foster a transatlantic dialogue. Since 2011, the Symposium has taken place annually, with the two universities alternating as hosts. Each event centers on a theme which encompasses a range of art historical topics. The Symposium is made possible by a generous grant from Dr. John Weber.

Spring 2019

Art and Memory

University of Cambridge
March 1, 2019

Session 1

Brian van Oppen, Columbia University
Radiant Bodies, Remembered: Etruscan Candelabra at the Tomb

Luise Scheidt, University of Cambridge
The Memory of the Ideal Ruler: Commemorating the Cambrai Wars in the Funerary Monument to Doge Leonardo Loredan

Adam Harris Levine, Columbia University
Putting a Face to a Name (and Some Names to Some Bones) in Sixteenth-Century Habsburg Europe

Session 2

Frances Rothwell-Hughes, University of Cambridge
Mockery and Memory: Humour in Heraldic Display

Isabella Lores-Chavez, Columbia University
Sweet Illusions: The Colonial Still Life in the Age of Chocolate Exchange

Sophia Merkin, Columbia University
Colonialisms Past and Present: Marian Maguire, Appropriation, and National Memory

Session 3

Lucas Giles, University of Cambridge
Historic Architecture and Digital Technologies: Recovering the Memory of Lost Choir Screens in Medieval Italy

Chiara Capulli, University of Cambridge
Perpetuating the Memory of San Benedetto fuori alla Porta Pinti after the 1529 Guasto of Florence

Barthélemy Glama, Columbia University
From the Palace to the Museum: Versailles and the Building of a National Memory in Nineteenth-Century France

Session 4

Alice Blow, University of Cambridge
Absent Presence: An Ambiguous Renaissance Triple Portrait

Jeewon Kim, Columbia University
Virtuous Women, Commemorative Portraiture, and the Cultural Politics of Decolonization in Korea