Arts and Race Critical Collective

The Department of Art History and Archaeology is pleased to announce the formation of the Arts and Race Critical Collective (ARCC), a graduate student-led initiative that aims to build sustainable networks and promote academic advancement for students of color. ARCC will be based in Art History and Archaeology, but it will welcome arts-focused students of color across Columbia graduate schools. Co-chaired in its inaugural year by Jordan Mason Mayfield and Eric Mazariegos (Arts of the African Diaspora; Pre-Columbian/ Latin American art, respectively), ARCC works to be an interdisciplinary, critically-engaged, and academically robust initiative to propel the work of historically underrepresented students (e.g. through the development of seminar papers, MA Theses, PhD prospectuses and dissertations, conference papers, publications, etc.). Through its interdisciplinary and critical focus, ARCC has the potential to build and influence fields and to facilitate the convergence of the arts and communities of color in innovative and significant ways.

For fall 2020, ARCC will (virtually) meet monthly in a seminar working-group format, and its focus will be on discussion of the arts, race, current events, politics; professionalization opportunities such as peer-editing sessions and publishing workshops; working on building responsible pedagogy for a more diverse student body in the arts; and hosting a symposium to conclude the academic year. ARCC believes that the support of graduate students of color by peers with similar backgrounds—as well as ARCC’s interdisciplinary focus—will build a more inclusive future in the arts, the academy, and beyond. It understands that this is a radically new effort which calls on historically challenging discussions—race, identities, institutions, disciplines—but believes change is possible through joining our scholarship, work, and ideas.

Students may fill out this survey to express their interest. They may also email Eric () or Jordan () directly with questions.