Professor McKelway to Appear in "Daredevil of Ink Painting: Rosetsu Out of Bounds" on NHK

Professor Matthew P. McKelway will participate in "Daitan futeki na suibokuga: Rosetsu hamidashi to bidashi" ("Daredevil of Ink Painting: Rosetsu Out of Bounds"), one of three 90-minute "High Vision" programs on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) devoted to the masters of Japanese ink painting. The first program will be broadcast on February 8 at 8 p.m.

Professor McKelway will discuss his interpretation of the screen painting by Nagasawa Rosetsu (1754-1799). His discussion will be featured along with that of other Japanese scholars.

Matthew P. McKelway is Atsumi Associate Professor of Art History at Columbia University. He specializes in the history of Japanese painting, with a particular focus on 16-18th century works produced in Kyoto. He is the author of several publications including Chinese Romance from a Japanese Brush: Kano Sansetsu's Chōgonka Scrolls in the Chester Beatty Library (co-authored with Shane McCausland, 2009), Capitalscapes: Folding Screens and Political Imagination in Late Medieval Kyoto (2006), and Traditions Unbound: Groundbreaking Painters from Eighteenth-Century Kyoto (2005).

Professor McKelway is currently spending the academic year as a Japan Foundation Research Fellow at Gakushūin University and a Tsunoda Senior Fellow at Waseda University.