Undergraduate Honors and Awards

In order to qualify for departmental honors, students must have a GPA of at least 3.7 in classes for the major and have submitted a senior theses of distinction. The faculty of the Department of Art History and Archaeology submits recommendations to the College Committee on Honors for confirmation. Normally no more than ten percent of the graduating majors in the department receive departmental honors.

2014-15 Honors and Awards

Departmental Honors went to the following students:

Sarah Bell, GS 15

Martha Scott Burton, CC 15

Alexandra Eynon, CC 15

Alexander Hyman, CC 15

Angel Jiang, CC 15

Elizabeth Lightfoot, GS 15

The 2015 Judith Lee Stronach Memorial Prize for outstanding contributions in art history or archaeology by a General Studies student was awarded to Sarah Bell.

The Senior Thesis Prize was awarded to Martha Scott Burton for: "To Suffer a Sea-Change: The Afro-Future Female and the Aquatic in Ellen Gallagher's Watery Ecstatic" (Sponsor: Kellie Jones)

All senior thesis writers were awarded The Meyer Schapiro Book Prize for Excellence in Art History:

Sarah Bell: "The History of Preservation as a History Worth Preserving: William Sumner Appleton and His Work at Jackson House" (Sponsor: Barry Bergdoll)

Andrew Demas: "Born Out of Autocracy, Forged in Democracy: the Metamorphosis of the World Trade Center and the Mediation of Economic and Public Priorities" (Sponsor: Barry Bergdoll)

Alexandra Eynon: "Curious Cases: The Cabinet and the Contemporary" (Sponsor: Keith Moxey)

Alexander Hyman: "Constructed Regionalism: Architectural Eclecticism in Jewish and Arab Homes in Mandatory Palestine" (Sponsor: Jonathan Reynolds)

 Julia Jarrett: "Reflections on the Polish Avant-Garde: Wladyslaw Strzeminski and the Theory of Unism" (Sponsor: Noam Elcott)

Angel Jiang: "Storied Cycles: Reading the Boss Sculpture of Norwich Cathedral" (Sponsor: Stephen Murray)

Elizabeth Lightfoot: "Form Follows Family: The Impact of Edith Elmer Wood on Modernism, Feminism, and New Deal Housing Reform" (Sponsor: Mary McLeod)

Daniel Merritt: "Build the Bridge: Felix Gonzalez-Torres and the Development of Memory, Recognition, and Contemporaneity" (Sponsor: Kellie Jones)

Zachary Small: "Sojourning Senescence: John Baldessari and his Late Works" (Sponsor: Branden Joseph)

 Ione Wang: "Intimate Matters: Giorgio Morandi's Still Lifes, The Museum of Innocence, and Waste Not" (Sponsor: John Rajchman)

Past Senior Thesis Prize Recipients

Shirlynn Sham, CC 2014, for A Shocking Split: Intrusions of the Phatasmagoric into the Embodied Perceptual Model
Adviser: Jonathan Crary

Isabel J. Losada Sabando, CC 2013 for Pilgrimage and the New Jerusalem: A Reconstruction of the Enameled Plaques of St. Martin's Cathedral in Ourense, Spain
Adviser: Holger Klein

Laura Waelbroeck, CC 2012, for Furnishing Gentility: Jacques Seligmann and the Marketing of Decorative Arts, 1880-1923
Adviser: Anne Higonnet

Elisabeth Stephan, GS 2012, for A Spectre upon the Threshold: The X-ray's Aesthetic Aperture into Modernity
Adviser: Anne Higonnet

James DeWille, CC 2010, for The Body in Jesús Soto: Movement, Participation, and Performance in Soto's Art, from Early Vibrations to the Penetrables
Adviser: Alexander Alberro