Undergraduate Honors and Awards

In order to qualify for departmental honors, students must have a GPA of at least 3.7 in classes for the major and have submitted a senior theses of distinction. The faculty of the Department of Art History and Archaeology submits recommendations to the College Committee on Honors for confirmation. Normally no more than ten percent of the graduating majors in the department receive departmental honors.

2014 Senior Thesis Prize Recipients

Shirlynn Sham, CC 2014, for A Shocking Split: Intrusions of the Phatasmagoric into the Embodied Perceptual Model
Adviser: Jonathan Crary

2014 Senior Thesis Research Fellowhip Recipient

Sarah Bell, GS 2015, to research the Jackson House of Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Angel Jiang, CC 2015, to conduct research on the Norwich Cathedral in the United Kingdom

Elizabeth Lightfoot, GS 2015, to travel to Europe to research her thesis on Edith Elmer Wood

Past Senior Thesis Prize Recipients

Isabel J. Losada Sabando, CC 2013 for Pilgrimage and the New Jerusalem: A Reconstruction of the Enameled Plaques of St. Martin's Cathedral in Ourense, Spain
Adviser: Holger Klein

Laura Waelbroeck, CC 2012, for Furnishing Gentility: Jacques Seligmann and the Marketing of Decorative Arts, 1880-1923
Adviser: Anne Higonnet

Elisabeth Stephan, GS 2012, for A Spectre upon the Threshold: The X-ray's Aesthetic Aperture into Modernity
Adviser: Anne Higonnet

James DeWille, CC 2010, for The Body in Jesús Soto: Movement, Participation, and Performance in Soto's Art, from Early Vibrations to the Penetrables
Adviser: Alexander Alberro

Peter Gallotta, CC 2009, for The Architecture of Protest: University Campus Planning and Spaces of Resistance

Amanda Anderson, GS 2007, for A Villanovan Hut Urn, Miniaturization and Change
Advisor: Joanna Smith

Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen, CC 2006, for Mortification: Duchamp's Etant donnés and the Fortunate Fall 
Advisor: Susan Laxton 

Andrea Herbst, CC 2003, for Perception and Reception Between Athens and Etruria: The Imagery on Tyrrhenian Amphorae 
Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Past Senior Thesis Research Fellowship Recipients

Hwi Jane Lee, CC 2013, to travel to Korea to study Korean Contemporary Art

Andrea Lujan, GS 2011, to research her proposed thesis on the Aztec Moon Goddess

Diana Greenwald, CC 2011, to study the American painter Thomas Moran and his portrayals of Yellowstone National Park

James DeWille to travel to France to study Jesus-Rafael Soto

Carmen Ferreyra to travel to Argentina to study "The Art of Postproduction in Buenos Aires"