Undergraduate Program

A major or concentration in Art History and Archaeology lays the basis for pursuit of a variety of careers, including law, medicine, business, and academe, among others. Critical study teaches the student not only the particulars of the art, archaeology, and architecture under study, but also the broader analytical and synthetic skills needed for mature, reasoned, and inventive solutions to broad-based questions in any field.

Further, the visual study of the world around us has been and continues to be increasingly important as worldwide communication becomes most often based in visual media. Understanding the sources and significance of images that form a common language of communication is crucial for anyone wanting to play an active part in society.

There are three options for majors in art history and two for those who decide to concentrate in the subject.

Undergraduate Faculty Advisor

The Director of Undergraduate Studies for 2014-15 is Professor Kellie Jones. Please contact Amanda Young, the Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs, if you have questions about the program (Phone: (212) 854-4505; ).