Undergraduate Travel Seminars

The travel seminar is a highlight of the undergraduate major in art history. It features a one-week trip during spring break to study firsthand the subject of the seminar. The course combines the rigors of a traditional seminar with the excitement and intensity of nearly round-the-clock learning and camaraderie on a trip led by a Columbia professor. The trip is a required part of the course, and major expenses (airfare and hotel) are covered by the department. A gift from Philip Aarons to enhance the undergraduate major in art history has enabled us to offer this extraordinary educational opportunity.

Past Travel Seminars

2016: (AHIS W3847) Cities of Knowledge: Displaying Archaeological Knowledge in the Public Spaces of Amman

2015: (AHIS W3878) Life of a Cathedral: Notre-Dame of Amiens, Professor Stephen Murray

2014: (AHIS W3879) Medieval Jerusalem: The Making of the Holy, Professor Avinoam Shalem

2013: (AHIS BC3938y) Modern Native American Art in the South West, Professor Elizabeth Hutchinson

2012: (AHIS W3922) Rome, ca. 300-1300, Professor Holger A. Klein; (AHIS W3930) Ancient Rome and Its Monuments, Professor Francesco de Angelis

2010: (AHIS W3865) Paris: Capital of the 19th Century, Professor Anne Higonnet

2008: (AHIS W3993) Investigations in Contemporary Art (Marfa, TX), Professor Branden Joseph

2007: (AHIS W3921) Patronage and the Monuments of India, Professor Vidya Dehejia

2006: (AHIS W3941) House and Garden In 18th Century England, Professor Vittoria DiPalma

2005: (AHIS W3946) Greek Sicily, Professor Clemente Marconi

2004: Berlin Live: German Art and Culture from Romanticism to Expressionism, Professor Cordula Grewe