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Calendar of Events

Friday Night Sketch and Saturday Morning Sketch: We invite everyone to come and take advantage of the invaluable artistic reference a live model provides at our weekly figure drawing sessions. We run studio sessions in an open environment to encourage experimentation, collaboration, and constructive criticism among members. Feel free to borrow our limited supply of paper, charcoal, pencils, and markers for the duration of each session. The board members and models are constantly trying to develop new poses, scenery, and music playlists, so please speak with any of us about your ideas for future sketch sessions.

Friday Night Sketch: Fridays 6-8PM in Dodge 501.

Saturday Morning Sketch: Saturdays 10AM-12PM in Dodge 501.

Painting Day: A two-hour pose, free acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, limited brushes and canvases, and a guaranteed good time. Artist Society just began to experiment with Painting days, and we would love to see you at them if it interests you!

Painting Day is usually held on Saturdays, 10AM-12PM in Dodge 401 in lieu of SMS, once month unless otherwise stated -- keep your eyes open for our emails and posters!

Artist Society also runs the following one-off events:

At our Models on the Sundial promotion, students pose costumed on the sundial in the center of the Morningside Heights campus while we give out free supplies and information about our club to passersby.

The Drawathon is our big welcome-back event for spring semester. We hire student models to pose in shifts throughout the night as attendees use free supplies to draw. This longer event gives you plenty of time to warm up your drawing hand. By popular demand, we now hold a Draw-a-thon-ito in the Fall: a three-hour long event complete with food and live music. Come on down!

This past year Artist Society increased cooperation with other student art groups on campus, collaborating in events like Glass House Rocks, Night Market and an interactive sketch session with the Paul Bloom group