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E-mail us at cu.artist.society@gmail.com , tweet at us or send us a message on facebook. We also have an instagram!

Meet the Board!

Emily Ben Kamay
Emily Li

Emily is a sophomore in Columbia College from San Jose, California. She will eat anything green tea flavored and has a love-hate relationship with zombie flicks. Emily loves drawing portraits and her dreams. In her spare time, she likes to draw, eat food, and watch animated films.

Ben Swetland

Ben was born in a cabin deep in the forests of Oregon. He is an avid roller-blader, a crossword enthusiast, and was second runner-up at the 1987 Ms. Universe Pageant. He is studying art history, but will probably abandon the field to become a baker, ceramicist, and/or social recluse.

Kamay Jin

Kamay is a Columbia College sophomore who will probably major in Architecture. She likes drinking tea (not coffee!), watching anime, playing on her 3DS, and sleeping. Her laziness knows no bounds, and most of her art activity consists of doodling in the margins of her notebooks.

Leila Katharine Yadira
Leila Fletcher

Leila is a junior at Barnard College, double majoring in Biology and Art History with a Visual Arts concentration. When she is not working in a plant biology lab or attending class, she is spending her free time drawing. She is the most awesome member of the Artist Society board.

Katharine Lin

Katharine is a sophomore at Columbia College and wants to major in Comparative Literature. Besides painting, drawing, photography, and film, she also loves the Lord of the Rings and dreams of becoming a scholar of all things Tolkien and Middle-earth.

Yadira Capaz

Yadira is Barnard Class of 2017. The list of things she's interested in is a little larger than the entire universe. She loves making found art sculptures and reading poetry collections in her spare time.

Aparajita Maitra

Born in New Zealand and raised in Houston, TX, Aparajita is a freshman in Columbia Engineering interested in tech and entrepreneurship. Besides painting portraits, tweeting, and solving math problem sets, she enjoys writing songs and accompanying herself on the guitar!