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E-mail us at cu.artist.society@gmail.com , tweet at us or send us a message on facebook. We also have an instagram!

Meet the Board!

Emily Jane Hui
Emily Li

Emily is a sophomore in Columbia College from San Jose, California. She will eat anything green tea flavored and has a love-hate relationship with zombie flicks. Emily loves drawing portraits and her dreams. In her spare time, she likes to draw, eat food, and watch animated films.

Jane Choi

Jane Choi is a sophomore in Columbia College who currently lives in Seoul, S. Korea. She's majoring in Sociology with a concentration in East Asian Languages and Cultures and also does a little art on the side. She likes overcast weather but hates rain, she can sometimes manage to tell a good joke, and her favorite movie is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Talk to her about books; she loves Virginia Woolf and Kenzaburo Oe.

Hui Yu Wong

Hui is a senior in Columbia College from Singapore, majoring in Art History and concentrating in Anthropology. She enjoys black and white film photography and is perfecting her skills in sneaking up to people for a shot. She can eat an inordinate amount of chili. She wears only pajamas indoors.

Saba Victoria Natalie
Saba Askari

Saba Askari is a visual arts major in The School of General Studies. In an ideal world she would graduate, move into the wilderness, and be taken in by a coven of aesthetically hip, socially-conscious witches. Besides overthinking her existence, Saba likes to drink coffee at impractical hours, watch Portlandia reruns, and draw just about anything.

Vic Ingram

Vic is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Visual Arts from Smithtown, New York. Among her most treasured possessions are her two lava lamps, which she hopes to grow into an excessive collection. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, painting, and being okay at video games.

Natalie Pino

Natalie is part of Barnard's class of 2018, majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology and minoring in Spanish and Latin American Cultures. In her spare time she likes to read fantasy as much as scientific non-fiction, augment her reality through drawing and painting, and make clothes and costumes for her sock-animals. She fights existential dread with a belief in magic and the idea that everything is art.

Kellie Zhao

Kellie studies architecture history and theory at Columbia, and visual arts at the Art Students League of New York. She is from Los Angeles, and hopes to become an architect in the near future.