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Art Resources

A few essential resources for any campus artist…

CUArts – The Arts Initiative at Columbia University is a web compendium of art-related information and resources. Here you can find listings of NYC and campus performances, exhibitions, arts libraries, job and internship opportunities and much more.

Postcrypt Gallery – Operating out of the St. Paul’s basement space, Postcrypt is exclusively dedicated to exhibiting the work of undergraduate artists from CC, BC, GS, and SEAS regardless of their involvement with the Visual Arts Department.

Visual Arts Department – “The Division of Visual Arts provides interdisciplinary training in studio art as a part of a liberal education and as preparation for graduate study and professional work.” Check out the department’s website for current class offerings, faculty listings and other announcements.

Utrecht – A great source for high-quality, affordable art supplies, Utrecht has several stores downtown as well as an extensive online catalogue. Their website also has a “learning center” full of useful tips and tricks for amateur and experienced artists alike.

Pearl Paint – “The world’s largest discount art supplier,” Pearl has several locations in the city and offers wide variety of tools for all artistic media, often at great sale prices.