Ann Craven

Ann Craven was invited to the Neiman Center in 2011 to collaborate with Nathan Catlin (MFA '12). Craven worked with Catlin to create a reduction woodblock print, a collaboration that resulted in four beautiful editions. One of the most challenging of relief processes, reduction woodcut printing is a technique in which every color is printed from the same plate as opposed to multiple plates of the same size. The color is printed, wood is carved away, and then the next color is printed-- a process that's repeated until the edition is complete. In these editions Craven draws from her interest in nature and references imagery from earlier paintings, like Pink Miracle and Red Miracle from 2004.

Born in Boston, Masachusetts, Craven earned her BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and her MFA at Columbia University. As an artist living and working in New York, she continues to contribute to the School of the Arts as a mentor in the MFA mentor program. Ann Craven is primarily a painter, and this background reveals itself in her prints through her mark-making and sensitivity to the woodblock. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions in the States and abroad since 1995.