Elliot Green

Exaggerated figures with rubbery limbs contort themselves within the intricate but yielding structures of Elliot Green's lithographs. The figures are drawn with soft, pale graphite lines of cartoonish simplicity, yet the eye is surprised to find one form melding into the next under Green's mischievous direction. Rather than assigning a specific narrative to each composition, Green suggests interaction and assembles fragmented moments in a monochromatic mosaic of the ridiculous.

Born in 1960 in Detroit, Green studied at the University of Michigan and now makes his home in New York City. He has had solo exhibitions in Chicago and Detroit, as well as in New York, where he is represented by Postmasters Gallery. The world of Green's paintings is simultaneously mysterious and matter of fact. The figures that fill his canvases are often awkward or exaggerated, defying the laws of anatomy. Green's creative process involves a drawing that reveals itself over time, through revision and discovery.