Edward Mapplethorpe

Edward Mapplethorpe was invited to collaborate with the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies in the summer of 2015. After reviewing his dynamic body of work, it was determined that the photogravure process would best capture the contrast and rich black in his photographs. The end result was a set of four photogravures from his series of photographs of the same name, SCREW. For this series, Mapplethorpe photographed the moldable silicone-based substance known as Silly Putty, each holding a transferred image of vignettes from pages in SCREW Magazine. Each image was printed with a chine colle of Japanese gampi, and the warmth of this paper provides a subtle reference to newsprint, from which the original image surfaced.

Born and raised in New York, Edward Mapplethorpe began his solo career under the pseudonym Edward Maxey and was quickly acclaimed for his luminous nudes, portraits, and still lives that were evocative of his older brother, Robert Mapplethorpe (1946 - 1989). However, it was his innovative work beyond the controlled environment of the studio that first distinguished him as a unique talent in bridging the gap between photography and abstract painting.

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