Dana Schutz

In collaboration with the Neiman Center, Dana Schutz produced three woodblock relief prints. Skillfully adapting her painterly language to printmaking, Schutz created disarming portraits all of which use the relief technique in innovative ways. The wood blocks separately print each color run, the wood grain emphasizing portions of the images. One-Eyed Girl is reminiscent of German Expressionist portraiture and pictures a girl with an hypnotic eye. Self Eater incorporates relief with collage combining print fragments with solid color paper. The print explores the artist's theme of self consuming figures. Untitled Poisoned Man, is a commemorative portrait of the poisoned politician Viktor Yushchenko from the Ukraine. In Schutz' own words, "My paintings are loosely based on meta-narratives...Still lifes become personified, portraits become events, and landscapes become constructions. I embrace the area between which the subject is composed and decomposing, formed and formless, inanimate and alive..."

Schutz was born in 1976 in Livonia, Michigan. She received an MFA from Columbia University in 2002, and she has received grants from the Louis Comfort Tiffany and Rema Hort Mann Foundations. She has exhibited widely in the United States and Europe. Solo exhibitions venues: Rose Museum, Brandeis University, Boston, MA; Site Santa Fe, NM; Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin. Her work is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim Museum, Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, CA. It has also been seen at the Venice Bienniale, the Prague Biennale and the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Schutz was included in the Whitney Biennial 2017. She is represented by Petzel Gallery and lives and works in New York.