Annika Eriksson

April 19, 2005

Annika Eriksson’s main interest concentrates on  those social pacts that bring people together and the creativity to which, by acting concertedly, people give expression, though now the focus has shifted from leisure to work. For her videos and performances she worked together with people form outside the art world like the Stockholm Postmen Orchestra, or Amateur Collectors. Her installation “The Construction”, 2000, gave the impression, at first, that the artist couldn't quite get everything ready in time for the opening. Cluttered to the bursting point with a skeletal timber construction, a building project made of rough, untreated planks and chipboard, the gallery seemed to be humming with the activity of construction work. Rhythmical sounds of hammering and sawing were every now and then drowned by powerful, pulsating music churned out by what sounded like a transistor radio somewhere in the rear of the room. Looking behind the wooden construction's facade, however, made it clear that the activity one heard was in fact finished--but recorded and preserved in the form of three and a half hours of real-time documentary footage projected onto a wooden screen erected inside the set; rough wooden benches were provided for spectators.