Huma Bhabha (1989)

Untitled. Clay, wire, plastic. 5' x 8' x 45". 2005
Waiting for a friend., Clay, foam, wood, steel, acrylic paint. 91" x 28" x 18". 2003
Untitled. C-Print. 20" x 30". 2004
Untitled. C-Print. 20" x 30". 2005
Sleeper. Clay, wire, wood, styrofoam, drywall, acrylic paint. 23 5/8" x 18"x 75". 2005
Man of No Importance. Clay, wood, wire, Styrofoam, bones, fabric, glass, acrylic paint. 65" x 41" x 30". 2006

1. What do you do?
A. I try to make a 3D spectacle.

2. How do you? Modes of expression?
A. Sophisticated/raw approach towards classical methods/materials.

3. Why do you do it?
A. I enjoy it.

4. What do you get from it?
A. Extreme pleasure.

5. Where are you coming from?
A. Too many places to discuss in this format.

6. Where are you going to?
A. Suspension of Ego.

7. The 3 most impressive thoughts/ ideas/ events/ releases of 2003?
A. Insurgency, Thomas Hirshhorn show, Twilight Samurai (movie)

8. What movie forever altered your perceptions? Album? Art? Book?
A. Razor's Edge (1946), Meddle, The Charioteer, Martian Timeslip.

9. When does art reach its height?
A. When art breaks rules while becoming timeless.

10. Your motto? Your mantra? Your final word/thoughts?
A. Non-Conformity.