Naomi (Feinfeld) Bossom (1954)

In The City, woodcut, 8" X 11", undated
Naomi Bossom working in her studio, 2002
Our Town, woodcut, 14" X 17", 2004
Red Unbound, woodcut, 22 ½ " X 18", 2004
How Will She Support Herself?, woodcut, 14" X 9 ½ ", 2002
Marie, woodcut, 11" X 18"

My three years at Columbia were an excellent training period in art. Peppino Mangravite was a sympathetic head of the art department who made sure those of us coming into the program in the second year had painting studio time every day. I can't remember the painting teacher's name but he was encouraging and obviously did no harm since I took 1st Prize in painting in my graduating class. Andre Racz was an excellent drawing teacher. All my art teachers were helpful and eager to teach, highly skilled and recognized in their fields: textile design, sculpture, artist's materials, anatomy, mosaic, etc. Of the academic courses taken at the School of General Studies, my English and French courses went easily and happily. I cried my way through Drafting for Artists and just barely passed Botany. I worked very hard but enjoyed my Columbia years thoroughly.