Joan Fine (1983)

Disk, Wood, maquette for. 6ft, 2005
Streams, Wood, lights, 16ft.x8ft.x 1ft, 2005
Aftermath, Mixed Media, 12ft x8ft x1ft, 2001
Cells Wood, 96"x144"x31", 2000
Pulse, Plaster, 8ft x8ft x4", 2001
Swimmers, Wood, Paint, 96"x96"x7.5", 2000

My new work continues to address a lifelong interest in biomorphic shapes reminiscent of living or once living things. I am fascinated by the way in which all natural objects can be reduced to curvilinear, flowing form- from a single cell, to the smallest shells and bones, to a swarm of living insects, or to the flight of birds. When nature is viewed in this way, there is a kind of order and connection imposed on the seeming chaos and diversity of our world. The objects I construct are placed within the confines of a box (another kind of "order")- which is then duplicated like the building blocks of life itself.

Replication with variation is a theme that continues to interest me as well: the almost endless variety of life, which follows a strict pattern when considered at its most basic underlying structure- again that of the cell. The square (box) symbolizes and imposes this order upon a stream of endless, swirling movement. The most recent sculptures incorporate multiple layers (strata) and/or perforations that allow light (life) to flow through the forms. The resulting shadows intensify and heighten the element of mystery inherent in all living form. Finally, my work is a kind of ongoing effort to render in some tangible way my sense of wonder at the unity of all organic form.

Joan Fine, 2007