Brece Honeycutt (1987)

husks, cast paper, pigments, steel, 2006, Broadway Windows, New York, NY
detail, husks
silence, steel, slate, copper, brass, 2002 Permanent installation at Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, MD
detail, silence
at Table, slate, wood, marker, audio, turf paint, 4' x 28'8" x 4', 1999
detail, at Table

I make history-based drawings, sculptures and installations. My working process has evolved into functioning as a history detective- uncovering and recovering facts and people often misplaced or overshadowed, researching and investigating these facts and making work directly based on the research. The work conjoins the discovered information with objects that relate to the history and site. If temporary, the installations may require tending and invite viewer participation.

The installations are often viewed in an environment that specifically relates to the work's themes. During the spring of 2007, my installation, "When they come back-if Blossoms do," a series of copper "plant labels" etched with an Emily Dickinson poem, will link the spring plants grown by Dickinson with the same plants in Wave Hill's gardens. silence, now permanently sited on the grounds of Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, directly references its philanthropist founder, Mary Elizabeth Garrett. at Table, formerly situated on the grounds of the Arlington Arts Center, relates to passed-on history of recipes and food. The slate tabletop references the old school building (AAC was formerly the Maury School) and the audio portion recalls the tradition of passing down recipes between family members or kitchen workers. I believe that locating my work in this way creates a more direct and interactive experience for the viewer.