Iona Kleinhaut (1979)

All Fall Down, oil on canvas, 24" X 24", 2003
Dark Dream, oil on canvas, 24" X 24", 2003
Red Eyed I, oil on canvas, 16" X 20", 2003
Sea Suck, oil on canvas, 38" X 52", 2004
Untitled, oil on canvas, 49" X 36", 2005

Remembering the Columbia University School of the Arts, 1977-1979. The excitement of coming to New York City to study art. The sense of freedom. The opportunity to be a part of such a large and respected university. The diversity of experiences and interests of fellow students and the camaraderie that developed. I remember eating Chinese at Tien Zen and debating the death of painting under the rumble of the 125th Street Station-also, late nights at Prentis, sometimes even with heat. Summer study of Baroque Art in Rome with Professor Howard Hibbard.

I use images from biology and nature to create dense abstract paintings. With sources as disparate as x-rays and undersea vegetation, the paintings evoke a sense of mystery about what is seen and about what may be known. The painterly images that evolve suggest both landscape and bodyscape. The tension in these paintings is heightened by the multiplicity of interpretations.