Columbia University Bach Society

Music Director

Kevin Lee

Music Director Kevin Lee is no stranger to cultural entrepreneurship. At age 16, Kevin put together his first ensemble of twenty student musicians from around the Pacific Northwest to raise funds for local charitable organizations in need of help. Since then, he has made a habit of building and leading grassroots, community-based ensembles wherever he has gone, particularly stressing community outreach, youth empowerment, and the relevance of the arts and classical music to the twenty-first century. Most recently, he has been conducting the Columbia Bach Society, a student-run orchestra and choir ensemble dedicated to historically-informed performance.

For his efforts, Kevin has received media attention through a front-page article in the Seattle Times, local TV and news attention, a blog post on Angry Asian Man, and a public broadcasting feature. Even further, he has been invited to give talks on both the East and West coast regarding classical music, consulted for a start-up involved in the arts and education space, and has inspired like ensemble models which empower student leadership.

Academically, Kevin is a social scientist fascinated by the moral and sociological systems surrounding industries undergoing radical change. At Columbia University, where he is an Economics and Music double major, he has been most recently studying the demise of the New York City Opera and its relationship with attitudes toward innovation in the classical music industry.

You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn!