Frequently Asked Questions

When does the club practice?

Please refer to the Schedule section here.

Can I try the club before officially joining?

Yes; your first visit to the club is free. Starting on your second visit you must be a member.
Note about Fridays: Currently, it is difficult to drop in and try out the club on Fridays, because we need to submit a list of members and their ID photocopies to Barnard in advance for security reasons. The supervisor checks IDs to make sure people are club members. If you really want to try it out the club on a Friday, please contact the club president.

What is required for membership?

1. At current, valid CU ID with Dodge Fitness Center membership. Note that some graduate students, officers, etc may need to pay for access to the Dodge Fitness Center. For alumni and partners of CU affiliates, a membership to Dodge Fitness Center is acceptable.
2. Signed health waiver for the academic year.
3. Paid dues (refer to About section on website).

Why do I need to provide a photocopy of a valid CUID?

A "valid ID" is a current CUID with access to the Dodge Fitness Center. We collect photocopies to give to Barnard for security purposes. Everyone who wants to play at Barnard on Fridays must submit a valid ID photocopy each semester; no exceptions. Students can get their IDs validated with a sticker; go to the ID Center in 204 Kent Hall to obtain this sticker.

Why do I need Dodge Fitness Center access to play at Barnard on Friday?

It is University policy that all members of Columbia club sports teams have access to Dodge Fitness Center. All club sports operate under the auspices of the Club Sports Office in Dodge, so a Dodge Fitness Center membership not only allows you access to the facility, it also supports administrative costs of the Club Sports Office and its employees.

Why are there dues?

Each year the badminton club gets a financial allocation from the Club Sports Governing Board, but we must collect dues to make up the rest of the budget. Dues help cover equipment like shuttles and club racquets (each shuttlecock costs about a dollar) and Barnard practice expenses (we pay rent for gym time, and also pay for the student supervisor).

Anymore questions? Please let us know by contacting one of the officers.