Stringing Rackets

The best place in NYC Manhattan area to have your rackets strung is at the NYC Badminton Club. Please refer to their website for contact information. Normally it takes a few days to string the racket, and you have to deliver and pick-up the racket on your own.

One of the more popular strings used is the Yonex BG-65. It is an economical string with high durability that will be sure to last you a very long time (unless you play at a more competitive level). Recommended stringing tension for beginners and average players is 22lbs, while for more advanced players is 26+lbs (make sure your racket can be strung at these tensions).

Purchasing Rackets/Badminton gear

Due to the small selection of badminton rackets that are carried by sporting goods stores in the Manhattan area, it makes more sense to purchase rackets online. If your home country is outside of the U.S., for example in Asia, it is even more cost effective if you purchase your racket when you return home.

Some online vendors that your fellow club members have used include:
My Badminton Store (ships from Hong Kong)
Badminton Alley (ships from California)

Local vendors:
NYC Badminton Club
Paragon Sports

Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any other recommended vendors that you would like added to this list.