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9/2/11 We are moving the course web site to NewCourseworks. To reach the site, click here or go to

6/29/11 This course fulfills one semester of the science requirement. It does NOT have to be taken as part of any sequence, and has NO prerequisites. (There were some errors in the old editions of the bulletin.)

Anyone who is at all interested (or potentially interested) in Bio W1015 is invited to come to the first session. (222 Pupin, Wed 9/7, 10:35 am.) This is a pretty unorthodox biology class, so you need to attend to get a good idea of what is happening. Don't worry if you have trouble registering -- just come first and register later. Enrollment in this class is not limited, so you will be able to register later without a problem.

Don't overlook this class just because you took IB or AP in high school -- some students who took advanced bio in high school liked W1015 a lot. (So did students with no bio background at all!) So if you aren't sure if this is for you, please come the first day and find out!!

There is a second term of bio for nonmajors in the spring, W1130y, Genes & Development. The prereqs for that class are this one, or AP bio, or the equivalent (or the instructor's permission). If you already have a good bio background from high school, you may want to start with W1130 instead of W1015.  If you want to take a full year of biology in order to fulfill your science requirement, you should take both courses.

Advice: Students have asked in the past for detailed advice on 'how to succeed in this course.' (There is already a lot of general advice on the index page.) I have adapted the advice for science majors to fit this course. The new advice page for W1015 is at Additional tips on explaining are linked to the advice page and are at

Note: In the past, this course was called Bio C1015. It is now designated as Bio W1015. Please consider the two terms (C1015 & W1015) equivalent. Some documents and web sites still have 'C1015' either because I forgot to change them, or because I don't want to risk messing up all the links on the web.

Any additional Questions? Contact the instructor: dbm2 at

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